About Suniti Mathur

Suniti is a highly sought after SAT/ACT private tutor with students from all around world. Her 14 years of experience have given her a deep understanding of what works with students of all proficiencies. Suniti's students have increased their score by up to 700 points on the SAT and 8 points on the ACT. Suniti received her graduate diploma in teaching from Auckland College of Education. Suniti is also the founder and creator of TestRocker.com

About TestRocker

TestRocker is a one of a kind online SAT and ACT prep program that empowers students to take control of their test preparation by creating a customized study plan, individualized to students' strengths/weaknesses, allowing them to track progress as they work through the program. Parents are able to track their child?s progress through biweekly reports.